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In the Christmas Mood

I’m watching my favorite movie of all time tonight: It’s a Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart. I watch it every Christmas, and usually once in the summer just because I love the story. Here’s a clip from the movie and pictures of other things that just keep me in the Christmas spirit.

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Season of Beauty – original poem


It isn’t the twinkle of lights in the city that brighten the holiday season,

  It is the smiles and gestures of charity from you that give the days their meaning.

It isn’t the songs that bring out the joy on the lips of all the people,

      It is the words of kindness that you are spreading that creates a joyful ripple.

It isn’t the food, cookies, or nog warming the hearths of the homes,

But rather the touch of a friend, or a hug that shows them they’re not alone.

It isn’t shoppers who bustle about, that create the atmosphere and energy,

It is the quiet connection of hearts and giving that melts the frost in the air.

I have a part, and you have a part, in bringing the season to life.

It is our union of spirit and not our religions that actually fuels the light.

It is the love in our hearts that we’re willing to share that creates a sense of community.

Believe you can spread the light and the love and we’ll all have a season of beauty.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

A Victorian Christmas Carol, Thomas Kinkade

I’m soooo ready …

I realized something today that I haven’t thought about in a while… I FEEL READY.

Ready for what you say? So very many things. Here’s just a few:

> I’m so ready to enjoy no more campaign ads on my TV, radio, or voice mail. SERIOUSLY ready for this one!

> I’m ready for the giving seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas to reveal the kind and generous nature of my fellow man.

> I’m ready for my children to begin experiencing the success that comes from hard work.

> I’m ready for new friendships to blossom more and more each day.

> I’m ready to learn new things at work and feel like I’m growing my capability again.

> I’m ready for closure on some very big, and very old bills that are about to be paid off (yay!)

> I’m ready for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, patriots, and cynics to step across the divide and start working together as Americans and not any other label we have chosen to use.

> I’m ready to start reading another good book – make it a mystery please.

> I’m ready for our sons and daughters to come home and end the wars.

> I’m ready for people to embrace the diversity that comes from loving each other and not judging each other.

> I’m ready to shine my light a little brighter and further in the world.

> I’m ready for the distance between friends and love ones to shrink – whether it’s physical distance or emotional.

> I’m just feeling ready for change.

Are you ready? On your marks … get set … let’s go! And be blessed!