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Weird Al Yankovic’s – Word Crimes

Ok, I just can’t help myself. I must confess I have always been a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic. He spoofs real songs and videos and frankly he’s a talented guy. He has another one that’s out now and, as a writer and blogger I think it’s just the perfect song to help us all out.

So, go ahead and giggle as you watch this one!

Digging out of the funk!

spread-good-energy-300x263Well, last week was a week of lessons for me. While I’m certainly not perfect at it, I consider myself to be a friendly, upbeat, and positive person. I love that my words have been inspirational to some, and my friendship has been comforting to others as well. My sense of humor goes a long way most of the time and it helps me to make friends pretty easily wherever I go. And I’m grateful for that.

But last week I came face-to-face with a situation with a couple of people that took the wind out of my sails. My usual ‘charm’ clearly wasn’t working. And I found myself in a situation where my heart was hurting and I was sliding into a “funk” because of the repeated negative interactions. How the heck did I get here? How on earth was I going to make it better? And would it even matter if I tried?!

I have a strong faith and I certainly turned that way. I have a few dear friends who lent an ear and shined their perspective on the situation. All of these were good, but I couldn’t seem to shake off the funk. Then I started to think about that “law of attraction” stuff I have so often read about and certainly believe in. So I decided to try this … I started reading only positive things, speaking positive things, seeking and sharing positive things. And that’s how I found myself digging out. Today, I feel like the shift has happened. It wasn’t instant but it was profound. My smile is back. My optimism has returned. I feel like I found a tool that I knew about but never really had to utilize before. It’s not magic, it’s just the unarguable law of nature – you attract to yourself that which you put out into the world. And, as the bible says, “seek and you shall find.”

What do you use to dig yourself out of an emotional ‘funk’?


My Dad …

My Dad is a friendly, quiet, gentle man. I am blessed to have him as an example in my life. Because he is quiet he sometimes slips into the background of a scene. He likes it there. I wonder if he realizes that even from the background he has given so much and created so many fun and happy memories where he has touched my life.

As a little girl, not long out of the orphanage, I knew he was so strong. I recall how he tirelessly knew I pretended to be asleep after a long night at the VFW. He played along and would carry me from the car to my room. He seemed to know that I needed a Daddy’s arms to carry me at times. I remember the smell of his cologne – Old Spice. To this day I love that classic scent. He never complained or let on. I didn’t know he knew I wasn’t sleeping until I was older and my mom would chuckle about it.

And he has a fun sense of humor – it can sneak up on you and surprise you sometimes, especially if he’s playing cards or a game. I remember how he always liked to play a trick on my mom when he’d give her Christmas gifts. He was forever sending her on a treasure hunt by hiding part of her gift (like one of the slippers or the handle of the skillet) it was silly fun but a great childhood memory.

When I was a teenager he faithfully attended the Father-Daughter dances at my school. I’m sure it was not on his list of things he’d been dying to do but he still seemed to have a good time with the other dads. And he’d always dance a few slow dances with me. He bought me a corsage and would take me to dinner – like a real date. He was always a gracious example of a gentleman. He still is.

And while he has never been heard raising his voice, he certainly has the strength of his tone to let me know I crossed a line. In my youth I was foolish enough to swear in front of him once. He looked at me with a look I had never seen before or since and vowed if he ever heard that in his house again he surely would turn me over his lap and spank me. That was all it took – just that look and those words and I assure you the threat never had to come to pass. It was the only time I actually saw my Dad angry and I knew he meant it.

And now, in retirement, he is such a wonderful grandpa. He spends time, tirelessly playing games with my niece or showing her all his gardening tips. He’s still the “big kid” that used sit with me and laugh at Scooby-Doo while we ate cereal on the living room floor. And it is sweet how my Dad shows his love for my Mom in many everyday and mundane ways. He is forever a servant leader in our family. It is clear that their vows are still alive. He is patient, even in the constant dishes he washes to help her with her home bakery business. He takes delight in hunting down the good deals at the stores for her supplies. He mans the money-box at the farmer’s market so she can chat and sell her yummy treats. I love to watch their partnership and see how much they love each other in what they do and how they look at each other.

My Dad – the thoughtful, kind, faithful, funny gentleman is also one of my heroes. May he have a blessed Father’s Day! You be blessed too!

Silliness and Nonsense

I saw this quote on the signature of a friend’s email today, and frankly I LOVE it!  (Thanks Maureen)

“A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.”~Willy Wonka

In these days of economic hardship, high student loan debt, layoffs and unemployment, and the general stress and busyness of life, it is important that we balance the serious with the lighthearted. Another friend, Lynette, has been sharing about laughter yoga. What a fun concept is that? I can’t wait to hear more about it.

Do you need a funny bone break? Since laughter is the best medicine, I thought I’d share this clip from YouTube. There is nothing that makes me giggle more than the sheer innocent joy and silliness of little children and babies. This clip has some of my favorites.

Have you heard or told a joke lately – if you have a clean one, share it in the comments section today.

Lighten up and be blessed!


It is a well documented fact that a good, hearty laugh is good for your health. Between the endorphins and the internal organ exercise from the belly laugh, it’s all a very good thing. And tonight that’s exactly what I had. I was sitting in my room with my daughter just watching TV and playing some games. When I looked up I saw my dog standing in the corner with her nose on the wall. I could not help having a good, hard, laugh out loud gigglefest. I couldn’t stop laughing, even to the point when I couldn’t breathe and yes, there was a brief snort in there. Apparently little Gracie had put herself in a time out. What a cute little dog and what much-needed laugh!

Here’s a laugh you won’t be able to resist – I double dog dare you not to join in. Giggle and be blessed!

Auspicious Occasion!

It is with great joy that I share some news with you today. We are celebrating the auspicious occasion of the 100th birthday of the Oreo cookie. Ah, the joys of the Oreo! In America, it is a childhood staple, nay, a deep-seeded tradition. I know it is an international sensation now as well.

We all know very well the ritual associated with the eating of it. First, you must twist the two chocolate layers apart. Second you eat the delicious vanilla cream filling in the middle. Lastly, is the dunking ritual with a big glass of milk. Just the thought of this makes me smile and remember good childhood moments – including sneaking a few extras from the cookie jar when Mom wasn’t looking. Yes, sorry to say, I had thievery in my heart as a child. Luckily cookie theft is not punishable by law.

To those who know and love the Oreo – today is the perfect day to abandon your diets and get a treat. And now there are so many options to tickle your fancy, from:  classic, double stuff, mint, chocolate, and the list goes on. There’s even Oreo cake snacks and ice cream treats. Yum!!!

Happy Birthday Oreo, dear friend! May you live to delight my grandchildren some day!

Oreo Birthday News Story:

The whole enchilada

We have a concept in our company called “bringing your whole self to work”. With all the diversity and inclusion work that we do, that is our ideal goal. We do a lot to make our culture such that this is a reality and not just an empty slogan. The intent is that each person feels they can bring their individual passions, talents, skills, personality, and strengths to the workplace. And we are valued for who we are and how we see the world as a way to make our products better and our consumers more delighted. I love that concept and have been thinking about whether it is true for me. Here are the facets of myself that I do bring to work:

> Integrity/Moral Compass – I do not need to abandon what I believe in when I do my work and interact with people. This isn’t about religion but rather trust, honesty, respect, doing what’s right, etc.  This is so important – I would need to leave if this were not the truth for me.

> Passion for personality types – understanding what makes people “tick” and how they work together has been a long-standing passion and interest of mine. Being in HR and working with organization design and team dynamics is exactly what I need to be doing for this passion to come to work with me.

> Creativity – not just in problem solving, but also in creating a fun and energizing place to work definitely comes in with me. I especially love to bring this part of myself to “play” in my job. It’s much more about how I think and work rather than just what I’m working on.

> Compassion – is especially alive when I work with employee relations issues. I balance compassion for the person with doing the right thing for the Company. Being a principle-based company vs. rule-based makes this a lot easier for me to do.

> Spontaneity – while the workplace has much rigor in it, there are always opportunities for me to take initiative and be spontaneous within my own projects. For the most part, I’m the driver of my timing and schedule, which leaves room for my spontaneous side to thrive within the box.

> Leader – being in “middle management” brings opportunities to lead projects, as well as people. There’s a wealth of A-type personalities in my company so being a leader is important. I don’t just drive the strategies and priorities, but also influence the players. Leadership is an easy part of myself to bring and use at work.

> Humor – there’s nothing more fundamental to human beings than to smile and laugh. Luckily, I work with a group of folks who have just as much of a wacky sense of humor as I do. We get a big laugh quite frequently, which makes the hard work go down just a bit easier.

There are so many aspects of who I am and some do not translate into the workplace. That’s okay, because the ones that do relate all seem to be coming with me. I don’t feel like I’m abandoning “who I am” in order to do what I do. I know this makes me fortunate. I am grateful for the blessing.

What about you – do you bring your whole self to work? Are there some aspects of your personality, talents, or strengths that you leave at home because they are not valued? I challenge you to see if there is something you can do about that.

In the meantime, be whole, and be blessed!

Get over it people!!

HELP – I need my online community to help me pull my foot off the ledge today. We are an inefficient and illogical race, us human beings. Well, at least from the standpoint of my topic today.

I find it utterly and completely frustrating when people spend minutes, hours, days and a ton of energy complaining about something they HAVE to do instead of just DOING it!  You know … like going to a meeting their boss asks them to attend because it’s about their project. Or filling out insurance claim forms because they actually have insurance and used it to go to the doctor. Or driving their kids to all the after school and weekend extra-curricular activities that they signed them up for (aka forced them/encouraged them/allowed them to join). Or showing up for work when it’s raining/snowing/sun shining (fill in the weather blank). Or, my all-time personal favorite – complaining about how spoiled their kids are and how they just don’t appreciate the hard work/money that is spent on them at the same time said parent stands in line to pay for the next unnecessary and expensive toy/game/clothing that the kid pouted that they couldn’t live without. Are you KIDDING me?!


This behavior makes us our own worst enemy and either dumb, stupid, or crazy. Okay, that was harsh, but frankly I’m at my wit’s end hearing about it today. So I take a deep breath, and with all the integrity I can muster I practice patience and self-control. Except in this moment, I’m out of patience. Rather than slapping my complaining co-worker (oh how I really, really wish I could) or going home and taking it out on my kids or engaging in misdirected road rage, I am choosing to use this blog as a “safe” place to

LOUDLY  and C L E A R L Y say…

GET OVER IT PEOPLE!  STOP wasting my time, and your time, and everyone’s energy moaning and whining about it! If you HAVE to do it – just DO it already. If you don’t want to raise spoiled brats, quit spoiling them! If you don’t like the result of what you are doing – STOP it!!

Whew, there now. I feel better. No-one got hurt. I popped some steam from the pressure cooker of life and I can still smile at my complaining neighbor without the need to put them in their place. Wow, this is a cheap and effective “counseling” method. Thanks for the outlet. The money’s in the mail. Hopefully I won’t need this “counseling” moment for quite a while again.

So, let’s just all grin and bear it … and be blessed!

My confession

I have a confession to make. It is with much chagrin that I must admit  – I still have my Christmas tree up and lit at my house. Crazy, no?

I didn’t plan this decorating gaffe but I’m secretly still enjoying the outcome. As with any self-respecting woman who tries to stay on top of things like this, I made plans to take down my tree much earlier. I always purposefully leave up my nativity and tree until after Jan. 6 in honor of my Catholic upbringing as that is the Epiphany, or when the wise men arrived at the manger. I like the tradition, which acknowledges the real 12th day of Christmas.  So on Jan. 7 I summoned the appropriate ornament boxes from their storage spot. But this year something happened that stopped my efficient need from removing this lone Christmas decoration. My son, who is 23 and has never once in his life had an opinion on such things, declared that I should NOT under any circumstances, take down the tree. Now, he never commented throughout the season that he even liked the tree so I was taken aback. Here was this man-child telling me how cozy the lit tree makes him feel as he walks through the house. He even did a little begging as I recall (and I’m sure he’ll deny this).

So – what’s a sentimental, near empty-nest mom to do? Having lamented for years that my kids didn’t seem to notice or care whether I decorated for any holiday or every holiday, I was inwardly touched. And so – my tree still stands with all it’s flashing light glory. I’m daydreaming of schemes for how I can justify it staying even longer as I too love the ambiance it brings to the room. Without it the room, although decked out with cozy creature comforts and warm color (red) on the wall, seems a tad bit cold. Tonight we’re supposed to have ice and snow. Now what’s better with that kind of winter weather than a cheerfully lit and blinking tree? Nothing. Tonight it stays.

But the Catholic guilt (or is it the decorator in me feeling guilty) is creeping in. The seduction of Valentine’s day is peaking it’s head as I do my errands about town.  Alas, I see the end is nigh and this weekend the said tree must fold it’s unadorned head into the dark of the cardboard box and live out the rest of the year in the basement. Farewell cheerful tree – you’ve served us well, beyond your time.

I’m a “corner” girl

I realize that there are kindred spirits out there who know exactly what I’m talking about. But for all the others who are now worried about my virtue – I’m not talking about “the corner”! I’m talking about brownies and I’m a definite corner girl! I saw a commercial for this pan and I think I NEED to have one.

It’s a running joke with my family but in reality, my love of corners makes our cherished family brownie time run peacefully. There’s balance, fairness and all is right in the world. I get the corners and chewy edges and all the softies in the family run with the middles. There’s plenty for everyone and no-one starts any chocolate wars. (Trust me – nobody wants a chocolate war in a family full of girls.)

My mom has her own baking business called “Sweets from Scratch.” She sells her yummy treats at vendor shows, markets and through special orders.  She’s found that I’m not the only person who lives with this malady. Without fail she gets requests for corners at the market. She’s taken to bagging them up specially for those of us who suffer in this way. She’s so thoughtful, my mom. BUT – by the time I get there they are usually all gone.  Thank’s alot Mom – way to go and advertise it! I’ve learned that this girl has to make a special order just to get corners from her mom these days!

So for all you who don’t like edges – I say, yay, more for me! For those who do, I call dibs. Next chance you get, relax a little. Bake a batch and hey, save me a corner would ya?