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A New Year’s Theme

Here we stand on the brink of 2013 – the year that many thought would not exist. But really, it is a wonderful year to be approaching. For me, 13 is my favorite number. My birthday is August 13. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, and 13 has always come as a lucky number for me. I’m excited to enter 2013!

I am not one to make broad sweeping resolutions – those do not seem to work for anyone I know. But I do have a New Year’s practice. As many do, I reflect on the year that is passing and try to take in the parts that have changed me or altered my life. But I don’t concentrate on that very long – the past is gone. A lesson, an experience, a fleeting set of moments that have moved me forward.

What I like to do is focus on what energy and spiritual theme seems to be drawing me into the new year. I’ve had various themes throughout the years – I’ve had years focused on freedom (and finding mine), learning/exploration, empowerment, etc. Each year I have been able to reflect back at the end and see the theme as it weaved its way throughout my days, weeks, and months and actually come alive.

82964818106098376_3LmOcdCX_b2012 was about VALUING MYSELF (and my gifts). It wasn’t about ego but rather about trying to see what others see as the value that I bring to relationships and situations. It was about quelling the self-doubt and self-criticizing and allowing my gifts to be appreciated by me. It wasn’t  just about identifying them, but using them and seeing what I uniquely bring into the world. It has been both liberating and an awesome responsibility. It has been a year of growth for me. It has been a year full of “I AM” statements that have turned into “I DO” actions. It has been a fulfilling year and one that has strengthened my soul.

So what is next? This year – 2013, is a big one for me! It’s the year I turn 50. I’m starting a new job in my company. My son is getting married in July. My daughter will be away at a co-op for 9 out of the 12 months while planning her wedding for 2014. Big changes and shifts are at play and I must take that into consideration. But the theme of my year is never really about the changes others are living through, but rather, what my spiritual journey is taking me through.

549456_337409909654335_1145065317_nNow it is time for me to declare my new year’s theme. This year, for 2013, my theme is DISCIPLINE. Believe me when I say that this is not the word that I “want” to be drawn to. But I know, in this moment of my life, this is the right theme for me. It will help me prepare for the changes on a physical, financial, emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. And so I prepare over the next couple of days to fully appreciate my gifts at the close of 2013 and align my heart and actions toward discipline in 2013. I’m excited to see what comes alive for me on this new year’s  journey.

Choose your New Year theme and be blessed!

What’s holding you back?

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” ~ Denis Waitley

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague today. We were talking about barriers and things that we do that get in our way of moving forward. We all have them. And more likely than not, those around us can see ours most clearly. That’s not because they are right and you are wrong. And it’s definitely not that they are better than you. It’s just that we each are in the proverbial state of being too close to the trees to see the forest.

One of the barriers we talked about is the fear of making the wrong move. For my friend it was not wanting to get ahead of her husband in leading the family in the direction she feels God is showing her. She doesn’t want to drag him along when it’s a collective journey. And for me, sometimes I question myself (ability, knowledge, strength, courage ….) which causes me not to move at all. When I talk to friends they look at me and easily see that it isn’t my inability to do the thing, it’s my own fear that gets in my way. Yeah, I know this about me but I still get hooked by it.

It was an enlightening conversation and I left feeling very empowered and blessed by the exchange. I believe that’s why we are here on this journey together. We all have a different vantage point and can see things from a unique point of view. And we have different skills, abilities and strengths. When we use our full self and all that we have to offer in service of each other then we all get a little further along the path.

For me, I know this means I need to re-examine those things that I whisper to myself. When I’m afraid of something, I need simply to ask a trusted friend to get a sense as to whether it’s a valid fear. If it is, I know those around me will help me through it. And if it’s not – well I have to stop clinging to the fear.

What’s holding you back? Do you know what to do to get past it? I bet somewhere in your life God has placed a special someone who will help you move forward too. Reach out and be blessed!

MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God

Today is a great day! My book, MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God is now published and released!

A year ago when I started to hear God’s words stir in my heart I never imagined that I could actually write a book or that the book would be published. I had heard and felt God in my life before and it always provided peace or challenge for me in the moment. But this was different! Way different! God’s words were so strong inside of me that I had to capture them in writing. He led me on a journey of self discovering and broadening my vision for my purpose on this earth. And he challenged me to help others find their purpose and their gifts for this world. We are all here to make choices – big and small choices that will move the world to a better place. God has a message for all of us. See what he said to me.


Peace and love to all!