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Whiff of Heaven

Once a year I get a little whiff of heaven. You see, while I enjoy all the flowers, bushes, and trees that go on colorful parade in the Spring, I have one favorite. The lilac – she is a delicate beauty that fills the air with a heady sweetness delighting my senses. From the wide range of pinks, whites, lavenders, and purples I bask in the beauty of her gown. With her fragrance I am blessed with sweet memories of both my Grandpas, who had lilacs in their yards. It also brings back sentimental moments, sitting with my kids on the swing in the yard. In those moments I enjoyed both the fragrance of lilac’s sweet perfume and the music of my children’s voices as they shared their day and their confidences with me. Both such fleeting, precious treasures. It is a breath of heaven that is a treat which  lingers in the air for such a brief time that it leaves me longing for more.

This is the week my lilacs are in full bloom and I’m delighted to be off work for a few days. It gives me the opportunity to smell them all through my house, and even in my dreaming hours. It is the small blessings that make each day a treat.

Here’s a picture of a bouquet on my bedroom dresser that lulls me to sleep and wakes me with the first breeze of my morning. Enjoy my favorite and be blessed!