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Kiss of Serendipity

SERENDIPITY. I love this word and all that it means and represents. A happy accident. A sweet turn of events. A perfect surprise of circumstance. The word itself ~ serendipity ~ rolls sweetly off the tongue.  It’s not a word we use much, but so often it is a word that simply and perfectly comes to life. I think I shall put this word more prominently into my vocabulary. I like the rhythm and the magic of it.

For the movie lover, Serendipity is a great romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. The star-crossed lovers meet for a brief encounter in an accidental shopping exchange. They are intrigued by the chemistry and attraction but choose to leave their relationship to fate. They spend years searching for each other. When it appears that all is lost and they resign themselves to a life without each other, serendipity swoops in and brings them back together. It is both a love story and a holiday story. In my house, that’s the perfect combination.

For the sweets lover – it is a wonderful restaurant/ice cream establishment in NYC. Serendipity 3 is featured in the movie and filled from top to bottom with kitsch and colorful chatzky. The lines are long because of its popularity, but the treats are divine and the atmosphere cozy. In my view, it’s worth the wait if you want to linger and experience a sweet treat. (Note, the frozen hot chocolate is a favorite.) It is also famous for a different and extravagant menu item. If you are quite rich and so inclined, you can order the most expensive ice cream sundae anywhere – including edible gold. It’s so rare you have to call ahead so they can bring in the ingredients to make it up special. 

For the believer, serendipity is so much more. For some it is the hand of God, or to others, the fates of the universe coming to bring what is right and good into their life – at the perfect time, for the perfect need or desire. Things fall beautifully, rightfully, almost miraculously into place. Do you recognize serendipity in your life? I have seen it upon occasion. Once in the chance meeting on a business trip that turned into a new, long distance friendship. I’ve recognized it in the eyes of those who receive a random act of kindness. I’ve lived it when my brother found me through a string of serendipitous miracles after being separated for 25 years. I see it in the perfect outcome of an unidentified and unspoken prayer.

Whatever you believe. Whatever your heart is desiring. Whatever your unspoken need – I wish you the kiss of SERENDIPITY.