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New Normal

Today I was talking to someone in my life who I hold very dear. A sweet spirit who has lived a life in service and in quiet faith. Recently she’s faced several health set backs. While she has come through them well, she’s been struggling with the concept of “how things used to be.” And when people tell her how good she looks but inside she feels bad, she forgets that people can only see her outside “best face”. Her pain and discomfort make her feel invisible and it is harder for her to see a future that will never look like the past.

That conversation reminded me of all the times in my life that I struggled because I had my eyes on the past and not on the present. I talked to her about the need to embrace a “new normal.” When we accept that what used to be normal is in a closed chapter we allow the new chapter to unfold and be okay. We look for and build a new day with new routines and new measures of success. We create a new normal. And while the transition isn’t easy, if we are aware of it, we stand the chance for a smoother, shorter struggle.

When I left her she seemed a little more comfortable with the idea. I know change is difficult for her but I felt that our conversation was a first step in the journey of turning around from the backward view and looking forward to what is new.

I know I am constantly creating new normals in my life. What about you?

Be blessed!

Living Technicolor in a Black and White World

I’ve been in several conversations lately with people who tell me their world is black and white. Things are either good or bad. It’s all or nothing. A life of extremes or at least in my eyes, extreme decisions. Am I really that odd living in my shades of gray? Well, actually my world is technicolor.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things from a moral perspective that I believe are absolutely wrong. But those are but a handful. The rest belongs on a sliding scale that stretches from okay for someone else to good to better to best – for me. There’s room in my world for other opinions and I live and let live. I know my personality type allows for change and possibility and it makes life more delicious. To me, too many rules don’t make things better, but gives rise to more rebellion and judgments.

And the black and white world seems to be pervasive beyond just how people behave. It’s everywhere and here’s what it looks like:

> Things are new or trash. Wow that’s too bad. I’m not a hoarder but I find it fun to give something new life or a creative second purpose. I even know people who will never live in a previously owned home. It’s new homes only for them.

> There’s a right and a wrong way to do everything. Can you believe I’ve even been told there is a “right way” to make an ice cream sundae when you make them at home. Come on folks, really? I assure you it tastes good even if it doesn’t look like the pictures. And I wonder – is there really joy in that rigid approach to life? Lighten up a bit and put the cherries on the bottom once in a while!

> Everything is “mine” or “yours”. The black and white world is territorial too. I’ve gone to a church, being new to a town before and actually been chastised because I sat in someone’s pew and they NEVER change pews, or heaven forbid, they couldn’t sit 3 spots down. Really?? Pretty sure God can see you over there too, even in your non-welcoming, self-righteousness.

> Modern and trendy is the only way to go. Even in decorating the world I see seems black and white. So many people only accept the newest and trendiest. If it isn’t the newest, most modern design they won’t accept it. They miss out on the story and beauty of objects that were lovingly made and used over time. The character and workmanship across the ages lends texture and interest to me.

Sometimes I wonder if this black and white living is an American phenomenon. I know I’m not alone but my technicolor eyes seem a be a tad out-of-place sometimes. I like to see the shimmer and pizzazz of a life that has variety. And I love my world of colors. It’s juicier, sweeter, full of delightful sights, smells, tastes, textures, experiences and yumminess.

Tell me – what’s it like in your world and be blessed!