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Transitions and Dichotomies

images (9)Have you ever noticed that the rhythm of life seems to bring highs and lows at the very same time? I have often wondered if it’s God’s way of balancing our hearts so they do not break under the pressure of sad events. It is the rainbow that is in the midst of the rain and lightening. It is hard to notice one without noticing the power of the other. And I suppose the why of it all and the timing sequence is one of those questions that will remain unanswered in this lifetime.

090607 (31) - lotus flower closed close-upRight now, I feel that life is in transition in so many places. My son is marrying the love of his life in less than a month. My daughter will soon follow next year. The joy I feel for them both is still tripped up by the mourning of that time I had with them as children. Oh sure, they are still my children but soon they will be someone else’s spouse. The center of their world has already shifted but mine is lingering behind. My day to day life has changed and that is not painful. But those still quiet moments when I think of what has ended forever, my heart breaks in the memory of it all. So life at home is changing and shifting every day.

87678138On the other end of the spectrum, while my children move into beginnings, I see endings for others I love. One of those is my Grandma. I still am blessed to have both of my grandmothers – one 94 and the other soon to be 90. The older one is recovering from 2 strokes and it seems at times that she is slowly slipping away. Her mind is still fairly good but her body is weakening. When I sit with her she sometimes is quite focused on what’s happening here and then I notice her drifting forward, looking, seeking, longing for what’s next. Even asking for it at times. I know this is the cycle of life, but the timing is right in the midst of joyful transitions. It seems that the timing is “off” – I am jumbled in the joy and the sadness.

On the career front I have been dreaming and working toward a new possibility as I see the long-term career cresting toward the final years. This is a bittersweet transition as I have great longing for both possibilities. But as one bloom on the tree of life wanes, another begins to appear. It is the balance of yin and yang. Dark and light. Morning and evening. The world seems to be spinning out of control and standing still at the same time.

day nightPerhaps transitions is one word to explain it and dichotomies is another. It appears that life has 2 opposites existing at the same time for me. For many people this is true I imagine. And I find myself not knowing whether to celebrate or to mourn. To plan or to wrap-up. Today I stand in the middle and my mood is fickle.

What transitions and dichotomies are you grappling with? Any tips and tricks for standing in the middle?

Be blessed!


Have you ever noticed that what we often need is the opposite of what the “pain” makes us think?

I recently had a minor knee injury that I avoided handling when it was starting until it became much more painful and made me limp. In my stubborn and misguided mindset I thought I could just “walk it off”. In the end I did some doctoring and began working with a physical therapist. On more than just the physical level I found what I needed in the very thing I had avoided. The injury is healing nicely and progress is quick.

And in the midst of this physical situation I learned about life in general.You see, when my hamstring was suffering I learned I need to strengthen the thigh in the front. When my back is weak I need to strengthen my abs. It’s a matter of balance and compensation. It makes sense once I realized that one was compensating for the pain in the other and carrying all the weight. In order to mend I need to lean on the strength of the healthy muscles and build up the weaker ones.

And so it is in many ways. When we feel lonely we often withdraw instead of reaching out. When we are in pain we sometimes lash out for protection instead of asking for help. We push away those who love us in fear that they will hurt us. Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios? What is really true is we need to build the “other muscle” in order to heal and get what we need. It’s a simple concept but one that we talk ourselves out of for ego or fear-based reasons.

What if we knew we could trust? What if we knew we would receive help? What if our needs were not secret but rather they became satisfied. All good things to ponder.  So, what do you think?

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