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A lesson in trust

Today I learned a lesson in trust. Not because someone broke my trust but because they didn’t. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in my fears. When I look at new situations with the suspicions of the past I have done a disservice to both myself and the person I’m dealing with. They can neither know our pains nor anticipate our buttons.

And what I learned today is that while holding onto my own fear and my own self preservation I didn’t see theirs. I didn’t recognize the signs of their pain. I didn’t  know they had the same lesson in their life. Patience, compassion, and the willingness to take a risk allowed us both to share and see the other side. It wasn’t  easy but it was worth it. And I was able to move from fear to freedom. As the Bible says, “the truth shall set you free.”

I have come a long way in learning lessons from my past. So I choose to acknowledge that and pick up with a new possibility. I choose to look at the future as bright, not as bleak. I choose to leave the person who hurt me behind in exchange for a new slate with someone else. I’m glad I had the lesson today. I’m glad I spoke out and I’m glad I pushed myself to be open. In the end, the lesson I learned in the past has opened me up to the sweetness of trust in my today.

Be open. Be trusting. And be blessed!

Get over it people!!

HELP – I need my online community to help me pull my foot off the ledge today. We are an inefficient and illogical race, us human beings. Well, at least from the standpoint of my topic today.

I find it utterly and completely frustrating when people spend minutes, hours, days and a ton of energy complaining about something they HAVE to do instead of just DOING it!  You know … like going to a meeting their boss asks them to attend because it’s about their project. Or filling out insurance claim forms because they actually have insurance and used it to go to the doctor. Or driving their kids to all the after school and weekend extra-curricular activities that they signed them up for (aka forced them/encouraged them/allowed them to join). Or showing up for work when it’s raining/snowing/sun shining (fill in the weather blank). Or, my all-time personal favorite – complaining about how spoiled their kids are and how they just don’t appreciate the hard work/money that is spent on them at the same time said parent stands in line to pay for the next unnecessary and expensive toy/game/clothing that the kid pouted that they couldn’t live without. Are you KIDDING me?!


This behavior makes us our own worst enemy and either dumb, stupid, or crazy. Okay, that was harsh, but frankly I’m at my wit’s end hearing about it today. So I take a deep breath, and with all the integrity I can muster I practice patience and self-control. Except in this moment, I’m out of patience. Rather than slapping my complaining co-worker (oh how I really, really wish I could) or going home and taking it out on my kids or engaging in misdirected road rage, I am choosing to use this blog as a “safe” place to

LOUDLY  and C L E A R L Y say…

GET OVER IT PEOPLE!  STOP wasting my time, and your time, and everyone’s energy moaning and whining about it! If you HAVE to do it – just DO it already. If you don’t want to raise spoiled brats, quit spoiling them! If you don’t like the result of what you are doing – STOP it!!

Whew, there now. I feel better. No-one got hurt. I popped some steam from the pressure cooker of life and I can still smile at my complaining neighbor without the need to put them in their place. Wow, this is a cheap and effective “counseling” method. Thanks for the outlet. The money’s in the mail. Hopefully I won’t need this “counseling” moment for quite a while again.

So, let’s just all grin and bear it … and be blessed!