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Scared into Action!

Do your dreams scare you?

Nope, not the nightmarish sleeping dreams. I mean your day dreams. Is your dream so big that it scares you? I was talking about this today to a friend. They have been feeling like life has no upside and nowhere to go but what’s real today. This is all there is. No hope, just daily existence. I wanted to shift their thinking from impossible to the possible. So I asked them to dream a dream, make a wish that is so big it scares them. But it scares them because life without that dream would not be unacceptable.

It was a concept they had never dared to explore. I could tell by the long pause and under the breath “WOW” that they actually, for a split second, allowed a dream that big to flash before them. Suddenly the lilt in their voice changed. And in that moment something changed for them. They said the 3 words that can make a difference … “I want that.” And then it scared them again. This time it was the fear that we all face – I’m not worthy. What if it’s not possible? What about the barriers? It’s too big. I don’t know how. Nothing like that happens to me.

With a gentle whisper and nudging “shhhhhh” I gave them an assignment. For homework they had to not look at what was hard about it, but actually research what was real about it. What are the facts – the process, the cost, the waiting periods, the preparation time, and the steps from here to there. I know when you have a dream that you take even a little action on, it grows and gets stronger. That’s why I want them to research it. Break it into manageable bites sized pieces. Identify the quick wins and the big needs. Just begin.

I’m glad my friend has a dream that scares them. And then it hit me – their dream scared me too because I might be a piece of the puzzle to help them achieve it. Goosebumps and silly grins – I’m scared now. I love it!!!

Scare yourself into action and be blessed!

Possible – an original poem


With silence and reflection comes

… inspiration.

No motion or emotion,

just imagination.

No fear to foster retreat,

only unbridled wonder.

Without the elixir of distraction

to wile away the hours

The ingredients of life surround

both body and soul.

Awareness quickens  and rushes into

an open heart.

And all things become

… possible.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller