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Faces of Inspiration

I noticed recently that things that matter seem to get watered down because we speak a language of trends and broad sweeping terms in our society. We live in a day and time that has a short attention span and a cause of the day, and sometimes just a passion of the minute. We do this because it helps us articulate concepts and categorize our thoughts. Or we do it because we get distracted or bored with the cause, the work, or the endless need for energy and attention.

The irony for me is we talk and inspire in generalities but we all actually live our lives in specifics, with an eye toward personalized circumstances and close-up people. We can make so much more of a difference if we personalized our focus and energy more, and took action based on this instead of generalized information. We would make greater strides if we looked at our choices with faces associated. For example:

When I think about hope for a cure for cancer, I don’t think about faceless scientists or big name organizations. I think about my friend Jean, Anna the mother of my friend Anita, my colleague Tammy and so many more.


When I think about soldiers laying down their lives for our freedom, I don’t think about commercials for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. I think of my brother Jimmy, my Grandpas Jim and Juel, my Dad Jim, my friends Milton, Suzanne, Tommy, and the loved ones of my friends and neighbors.

When I look to uphold the rights of humans, no matter their race, gender, religion, or sexual identity, I don’t envision slogans and commercials. I honor and respect Shelly, Mike, Andy, Miguel, Yonah, Rakesh, Rong, and Angel.

When I seek to connect to others who write and inspire, I don’t think of facecless authors or iconic motivators. I read and admire Maureen, Lynnette, AnnJay, and many more. They use words, humor, inspiration, quotes, photography, and encouragement. They reach across the abyss known as the internet and they touch others.

I wish I had pictures of everyone to share on here. But you’ve seen a few. I challenge us, as a people who want so much to create a better world, to live life in specifics. Choose causes with faces you care about and know. Support and encourage people and not just the cause of the day. Let us stand for those we love and make all the difference in the world. Let us bless and be blessed!

Disarm the Bullies

I often feel dissatisfied by the level of competitiveness that is in our society. Oh, yes, I’m a blue-blooded American who treasures the ability to compete and succeed. Don’t get me wrong on that. I believe healthy competition drives us all to do better work, create more innovation, and bring better and better options to light. But that’s business.

I think it’s ultimately hurtful and wrong to take that same level of business competitiveness into our personal interactions. Not every conversation needs to be a debate or argument to be won or lost. Not every activity needs to be you vs. me vs. the other guy. Sometimes we are served well to agree to disagree and not break the bonds of relationship. This is especially true when it comes to beliefs. There should be freedom for you to believe what you believe and make your choices accordingly. And the same for me – as long as those choices don’t hinder another or hurt someone. In general, that’s what I believe.

So when I read this quote from Mike Dooley I look at the world a little differently.

“When you understand that what most people really, really want is

simply to feel good about themselves,

and when you realize that with just a few well-chosen words

you can help virtually anyone on the planet instantly achieve this,

you begin to realize just how simple life is,

how powerful you are, and that love is the key.” ~ Mike Dooley

I see his words as a method to disarm the bullies. It’s a way to encourage the downtrodden. By looking at the true and beautiful essence of another we eliminate the need for winner/loser or better/worse labels. We no longer look at words like ugly, weird, stupid, geek, jerk, or any other as valid in our vocabulary.  When we show someone else they are valuable we open up the chance for them to see themselves that way too. Honoring the sacredness inside someone brings their divinity to the forefront. It honors all that is good in you and me because that thread of connectedness is one and the same.

So today, I hope that you see and focus on the loveliness of who you are. We are blessed by your existence. Share it and be blessed too!