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Let us grow …

“What you grow in the good times becomes your strength in the hard times.

Therefore, let us grow and let us share love, peace, charity, forgiveness, generosity, and hope.”

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

I posted this quote on my bulletin board at work today. There are so many people who are seeing the hard times coming or already swirling around their lives right now. I wanted to remind us all that we have some control over our situation. Perhaps not in what happens but certainly in what we put in our lives to prepare us to react to and cope with those situations.

And when I stand in good times and others do not, I hope I am conscious enough, aware enough, and courageous enough to step out of my joy to lend them a hand, a shoulder, a word of encouragement, or even a dollar or two – whatever I have that can ease the trouble. It’s so easy to forget sometimes that we aren’t alone, especially in the tough times. But the worst thing we can do is forget that we aren’t alone in the good times. That is when we can really make a difference.

Be a light in the world, and be blessed!


Have you ever noticed that what we often need is the opposite of what the “pain” makes us think?

I recently had a minor knee injury that I avoided handling when it was starting until it became much more painful and made me limp. In my stubborn and misguided mindset I thought I could just “walk it off”. In the end I did some doctoring and began working with a physical therapist. On more than just the physical level I found what I needed in the very thing I had avoided. The injury is healing nicely and progress is quick.

And in the midst of this physical situation I learned about life in general.You see, when my hamstring was suffering I learned I need to strengthen the thigh in the front. When my back is weak I need to strengthen my abs. It’s a matter of balance and compensation. It makes sense once I realized that one was compensating for the pain in the other and carrying all the weight. In order to mend I need to lean on the strength of the healthy muscles and build up the weaker ones.

And so it is in many ways. When we feel lonely we often withdraw instead of reaching out. When we are in pain we sometimes lash out for protection instead of asking for help. We push away those who love us in fear that they will hurt us. Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios? What is really true is we need to build the “other muscle” in order to heal and get what we need. It’s a simple concept but one that we talk ourselves out of for ego or fear-based reasons.

What if we knew we could trust? What if we knew we would receive help? What if our needs were not secret but rather they became satisfied. All good things to ponder.  So, what do you think?

Share and be blessed!