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Keeping it real!

It never ceases to amaze me how thoroughly my human imperfections can raise their head to humble me. Even with my complete understanding of the situation, my best efforts, and deliberate focused energy,  errors can (and do) creep in. Today, my humanness is highlighted by yet another simple mathematical error. Well more like validation from one chart to another. I can count (most days anyway). Apparently my struggle comes from comparing a written paper to a huge and complex computer screen representation. How could I possibly miss a simple thing like that! Yowza!

And yet, with my speedy confession and appropriate remorse  when admitting my error, I find the graciousness of others as well. No judgement, no laughing (well, not to my face anyway). But genuine collaboration to make sure the error gets fixed in all the cascading documents as well. And for that … I am grateful.

So today I remember to keep my head held high, but at an appropriately humble angle. Remember – count it a 4th time, just in case. Admit the mistake early and spend energy in fixing it not fretting about it. And, next time I find an error of someone else’s data, remember today and be gracious.

Keeping it real folks. Be blessed!