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Music of the night …

Wind-ChimesAs I sit here, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep it seems that my senses are heightened a bit.  I can feel the air brush over my skin as the furnace kicks in to whisk the cold away. I’m not sitting near the air vent so I’m a bit surprised by the sensation. I notice the sense that is the most attuned is my hearing. Between the thumping from my son’s cat bouncing around downstairs, to the whooshing sound as my dogs breath steadily at the edge of my bed, I feel comforted by the life that surrounds me in the night.

But the sound that delights me the most is the music coming from outside my window. My wind chimes are dancing and jingle-jangling in the night. They are beautifully matched and echoed by the lovely chimes across the street from my neighbor’s house.

Angel-Close-Up-At-Night-angels-and-fairies-10844417-500-434There is something soothing and mystical about the sound that wind chimes make. I often think I should buy about 10 more and surround every side of my house with them. They remind me that the air is alive and that life really can make music. When I hear them sprinkling their delightful notes I image they call in the angels and accompany the choirs as they sing in heaven. It’s truly one of my favorite sounds.  Tonight I believe I will use them as my focus for meditation and allow their beauty to sink into my soul and usher in the calm and the peace. And from there, if I focus on just them, they can escort me back into the sweet dreamland.

Good night world, I bid you good night! My music awaits. Be blessed!

Sensual and Sultry

Have you taken note of the sensual and sultry changes going on around you? There is a dance afoot with the season of the fiery metamorphosis.  The way the wind whips up the leafy skirts of the trees and sets the fallen, colorful carpet to dancing. Yesterday and today are the perfect examples.

We had sunny skies and 70 degree weather yesterday. As I walked outside I noticed both the crimson leaves and the hot pink of late-blooming roses in my yard. The mix of the aromas was intoxicating. Standing there I could feel the warm breeze of early fall. The leaves were dancing in the streets and swaying to the rhythm of the gentle breeze. The crunch of the leaves beneath my feet added accent to the senses. The leaves looked as if they were lazily skipping around to a distant song that I could not yet hear. Children could be heard laughing down the street. It was serene and lovely. Yesterday the autumn air was sensual.

And then the rains came. I could hear it tapping on my window through the night. When I awoke to leave the sky was still dark, just softly kissing the dawn of the day. I found the air cool and drippy with tiny droplets. Not fully raining but definitely chilly with spits to wet the cement. And the leaves were dancing again. But this time the rhythm was swirling and twirling and more vigorous. This was air that ushers in the late October moon. The song of the leaves was more vigorous and spirited. This morning’s autumn air was sultry.

It is the ebb and flow of the warm and crisp air and the changes to the sights and sounds in the trees as the wind whispers through the season that captures my soul. And I long to join the dance. That sensual, sultry dance that marks the descent of another year. A celebration and a final farewell.

Join me in the dance and be blessed!

Daily Miracles

Do you ever notice and amuse yourself with the miracles inherent in the way the  human body really works? Sometimes I have moments of clarity where I notice the mundane, which in reality is really quite spectacular. Every once in a while I remember to look at the world with the same amazement and awe that little children do. Here’s what I mean:

Not being at my regular office today, I decided to work in the cafeteria where I could plug-in and grab an iced chai. It was convenient between meetings and quiet at first. Then, I became acutely aware of the swelling noise as the crowd surged to fill the area. At the same time I was amazed that I could hear the conversations in front, beside, and behind me. Really our senses are incredible. The same thing happens with sight. I can see to type and read and at the same time distinguish the busy movements to and fro of the crowd around me, as well as the dust particles floating next to me in the ray of sunlight. The fact that our senses and our brains can distinguish the macro and the micro details is such a splendid gift. I’m sure there are tons of biological explanations that scientists can provide. But for the everyday experience of life, it is quite remarkable.

Our bodies really are, for me, the proof of a greater design and thus a Great Designer. For us to even be alive is a miracle. Our bodies automatically do the things needed to keep us physically alive – breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, disease fighting, healing, growing, regenerating, digesting, etc. There is so much we never really notice. And then at the same time as all those complex processes, it moves for us on command. We can, in an instant, distinguish the space and speed needed to avoid collisions with all the objects in the world. Well, unless of course we talk about toes – they have a particular need to forcefully crash into immovable objects like legs of furniture. But I digress …

At any rate, what I really realized is that when we stop looking at obstacles, worries, and what ifs, we give ourselves space and time to notice the WOWs and can you believe its that exist in every level of our living.

I invite you to notice your daily miracles …. and be blessed!