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Technology is my friend … today

Some days I do not believe that technology is my friend. However, today it was very helpful. We have a cleaning staff at work that is mostly Hispanic. Some are relatively new to the US. They work hard and they are learning English as they go. I don’t have any issues with that because I know they are here legally, they are doing their best, and they are providing for their family. They, like all of my ancestors, are the first generation Americans of the future. And they will learn more and more over time. I applaud their courage to plunge themselves and their families into a new life in a new homeland. No idea if I’d really have that courage.

In the meantime, and back on track … today I was trying to talk to one of the ladies with a request for my work area. It became a giggle fest as I tried hard to recall a few bits of my Spanish and she tried hard to work around her new English. Needless to say, what we both knew did not quite overlap and cover the question of my cleaning request for my desktop. Thus the cultural divide was apparent.

Ahhhh, but then the miracles of Google were availed. I quickly found an English to Spanish/Spanish to English translator program. We had a quick conversation that was much more effective, and of course satisfying.  I was reminded of a few words I didn’t remember and she was quickly able to respond. Way to go Google!

What’s your favorite way to get the most of technology – got a favorite app or website? Do share and be blessed!