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Thankful and spreading blessings ….

It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the US and I’m still basking in the feelings of gratitude. It’s my favorite place to be – in a place a thankfulness.

So one question today … Because we are blessed, I believe we should all spread the blessings. How do you plan to bless someone today?


Cozy Introspection

Today is the last day of my 3 week vacation. I’ve never splurged with this much time off at once before but with vacation time that I would lose if I didn’t use it, well I HAD to use it. And I’m glad I did. The first week was busy prepping for Christmas. The second week was slow and casual with time visiting with friends and family with whom I seldom get to enjoy in an unhurried and quality way. And this week has been preparing to move my daughter to her apartment for her co-op semester and me setting intentions for my 2013 year ahead. I’ve been busy in a lovely way and I don’t regret one minute of taking the time off.

Today, as I wrap up my time off, I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping in, enjoying an at-home massage, and some day dreaming of the year ahead. I have much to be thankful for and more to look forward to. Here’s a few:

> I start a new job (same Company) on Feb 1.

Wedding-Ring-Ceremony1> My son will be getting married in July to a lovely girl and that will be a wonderful celebration.

happy-birthday> This will be the big year of birthdays in my family – Grandma turns 90, Mom turns 65 (yes, I am adopted lol) , I turn 50, my sister and her husband turn 40, my other sister and her husband turn 30, my son turns 25, and my cousin turns 20. We will have a wonderful celebration for all those milestones.

> My 50th birthday will bring an opportunity for me to give back with plans for my “Great Giving Day of 2013” where I will perform 50 acts of kindness on my birthday 8-13-13.
forbesprettiest-towns-05-g> And during my daughter’s final co-oping semester I will meet up with one of my dear friends for some rest and relaxation in Cape May, NJ. I have such a love for Victorian era homes and decor and this little town has long been calling my name to come for a visit.

I’m sure God has other delightful surprises in store as well. As I sit by my cozy fire with my cup of tea and sweet dogs by my side, I can say with great appreciation that life is good. Vacation was wonderful and I have much to be thankful for.

Count your blessings too, and be blessed.

3 things …

Sometimes it’s hard to make the world stop swirling and rushing at the speed of light in order to pause and to write. It’s been that way the last couple of days. It’s starting to look like the near future will be similar.

So, as you are rushing about your day, or leisurely enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation, I challenge you to find at least 3 things to be super thankful for. Just a momentary breath of gratitude can make all the difference in the stress our bodies release and the joy we get to keep.

Do it for yourself and for those who love you … and be blessed!

Blessed Syncronicity

I love how life works with its ebbing and flowing of energy and surprise connections. Almost every day I find evidence of blessed synchronicity.  I don’t believe in fate or luck bringing it to pass – that’s just plain old randomness. It happens way too often for it to be simple coincidence. In my humble opinion, there are no coincidences in life. But I do believe in the hand of God who weaves and guides the paths of people here and there to connect with another at just the right time for just the right reason. All the stars align beautifully.

Here’s a few examples from the top of my head:

> I was talking to one of my colleagues about an idea for a project. I wasn’t sure who to talk to in order to move to the next step. That very afternoon a different colleague was meeting with someone and introduced me. It turned out that person was the very one who had my answer. They were in my building for one reason and stopped by our cubicle just to say hi. It was uncanny – like I conjured them up with my questions. No lie – it was awesome!

> There are two Barb Millers where I work and we’re always getting each others emails and instant messages. Today it happened and it wasn’t the first time for this person. They quickly realized they had reached HR Barb and not R&D Barb. They laughed and we had a brief exchange of small talk. It turned out they are moving to Singapore and didn’t know anyone at all. I have 2 HR friends who are assigned there right now who are friendly and gracious people and was able to give them a connection. As it turned out – they really needed both Barb Millers and just didn’t know I could help them. Sweet!

> When I was dealing with owning 2 homes because the market had turned down I was having a dickens of a time selling my former home because buyers kept losing financing. Each month I struggled to make ends meet to pay both mortgages. And each month there was synchronicity in surprising forms. Once I received a refund for overpayment of insurance that I didn’t know had happened. Another time I got a refund from my annual escrow review. The examples go on and on, month after month. I know God made the money and the month match because I never missed a payment and I never had to sell everything I owned to make it work. Whew – that was BLESSED synchronicity!!

> When I had come to the end of my ability to pay 2 mortgages, a realtor acquaintance called me about a family who wanted to buy but couldn’t and they were interested in renting the house until they could fix their financing. They took over the mortgage payment the very week I would have had to miss a payment. What a beautiful and timely surprise!

These are just a few of the examples that were perfectly timed and divinely arranged. I bet if you examine your life you will see the blessed synchronicity as well. Do you have any good stories to share when the pieces of your puzzle suddenly came together?

Be blessed!

Hands of an Angel

I believe that when life is most fragile, angels come to assist us. This is the story of one angel that I encountered.

When my daughter was just a week old I took her to her first pediatrician visit. The doctor was concerned because her umbilical cord had fallen off prematurely, likely from the friction of the diaper, and it was not healing properly. She was concerned about the possibility of meningitis. With an even, calm, but urgent tone she instructed me to go directly to the hospital and have her tested. In my heart I could feel the dread mounting and I did exactly what she said. After an excruciatingly long time in the ER, she was finally examined by the doctor.

Again, with that calm, even tone that only a doctor seems to be able to muster up, I was told there was reason for concern. They wanted to do a spinal tap on my tiny, precious little bundle. I braced myself through my tears. But the doctor told me they would not let me be in the room during the procedure because they don’t want the baby to associate the pain of the procedure with a parent. Oh yeah, like that was going to make me feel better. My heart ached to be the one to comfort her, but I had to follow the procedures of the hospital. I could stand at the door and watch through the window but I could not be there.

Then the doctor made a call. She wanted the assistance of a particular technician. When he arrived, I suddenly understood. The technician’s name escapes me, but his hands I will always remember. They were the hands of an angel. The technician was a tall, strong, black man who appeared to have the spirit of a “gentle giant.” He wrapped his one hand around Maria’s head and the other around her bottom and slowly, gently curled her into a comforting fetal position. His steady, firm touch visibly soothed my daughter and he held her still as night during the procedure. To my surprise, she did not utter a cry. She simply lay, safely curled in the hands of this man with a special touch.

In that moment, I knew he was a living angel come to help my daughter, and me, make it through that painful, delicate moment. And in an instant he was gone. I didn’t get a chance to say thank you, but I always send a grateful prayer up on his behalf when I think of that moment. When I saw this picture … I remembered the hands of that angel.

Remember your angels and be blessed!