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Season of Beauty – original poem


It isn’t the twinkle of lights in the city that brighten the holiday season,

  It is the smiles and gestures of charity from you that give the days their meaning.

It isn’t the songs that bring out the joy on the lips of all the people,

      It is the words of kindness that you are spreading that creates a joyful ripple.

It isn’t the food, cookies, or nog warming the hearths of the homes,

But rather the touch of a friend, or a hug that shows them they’re not alone.

It isn’t shoppers who bustle about, that create the atmosphere and energy,

It is the quiet connection of hearts and giving that melts the frost in the air.

I have a part, and you have a part, in bringing the season to life.

It is our union of spirit and not our religions that actually fuels the light.

It is the love in our hearts that we’re willing to share that creates a sense of community.

Believe you can spread the light and the love and we’ll all have a season of beauty.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

A Victorian Christmas Carol, Thomas Kinkade

RIP Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade is one of my favorite artists. I guess, from now on I’ll have to say – he was. I just read the news that he died suddenly yesterday of natural causes in his home in California. I am a fan. I even sent him a copy of my book a couple of years ago because he has been an inspiration in my life. I’ve read his books. I’ve watched the movie about his beginning in the painting field. I’ve learned so much about him as I listened to him on multiple occasions on TV. He was a very down-to-earth man who loved his family dearly and even painted their initials and symbols into his works in honor of them. He shared his work, his faith, his family, and his mission. But mostly he shared his talent – all over the world.

Yes, his paintings are very collectible, but that’s not why I like him. His ability to create positive, light-filled pictures that draw you in, along with his strong faith, were the real reasons I love his works.  He was inspired by the quiet, simple life, and strived to give us a captured moment depicting those elements in his works. He was known as the “Painter of Light” and that’s a perfect description of his paintings. I recently wrote a post about one of his works titled Walk of Faith. I should have purchased that painting when I had the chance. Perhaps, while it will surely cost more now, I still will some day.

In the meantime, may I simply say farewell and share a few more photos of his works. Be blessed Thomas, as you go home to paint for God.

Walk of Faith

I come from a family (both natural and adopted) of people who are artistic. It is a God-given talent that some have used and others let lay dormant. I have some talent in this area that frankly, until now has been untapped and uncultivated, at least from a traditional drawing or painting perspective.  I am starting to hear the call to experiment and learn. Art is such a personal thing that I often wonder if what my eyes see and my hands create could ever capture the heart of another. Perhaps that’s not really the point of art, but it certainly is a desire.

Recently, however, I was pleased to see a TV show with artist Thomas Kinkade as guest. I have long been a fan of  the “painter of light.”  I have enjoyed the story of his meager beginnings and read the books he wrote wherein he paints his picture with words. He is not boastful as a famous painter might be. His persona is very down to earth. In his own words he is inspired by nature and the call of quietude. He certainly and deliberately infuses his faith into his works. He’s known to personalize his paintings by hiding the initials of his wife or child somewhere in his work as a way to honor them. In this show, I saw for the first time a new work he’s done. This man’s art really knows how to touch my heart, and I know by his fame and collectibility, that I am not alone in this.

This new work is entitled “Walk of Faith” and it depicts a lush garden (for which he is also famous) with two men walking side-by-side in conversation. One of the men is Jesus and in this painting it seems so natural for the two to be entwined in the conversation of friendship.  That picture captures what is in my mind and heart as I daydream of a heavenly “walk” with Jesus. It’s beautiful!

So I share this painting with you in the hopes it brings you comfort and peace as well. Be blessed!, I share the picture with you in hopes that it brings you a measure of comfort and joy as well. Be blessed!