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Rocks and rings and things that go bling

Hi, my name’s Barb, and I’m a ringoholic.  Oh that’s right – there is no self help group for those of us who are addicted to jewelry. DARN the luck!

It’s not a deadly disease but it is an addiction. I just love rocks and rings and things that go bling! I can’t help it, I’m a girly girl.

I realized about a year ago why I’m so drawn to rings  – it’s really the only jewelry I wear that I get to look at and since I’m on the computer so much for work and life, I get to look at them alot.  I’m not much of a bracelet girl – oh don’t get me wrong, I’m drawn to them but I just don’t like to wear them much because they bother my wrist when I type.

But rings – now that’s my thing. I have a pretty extensive collection and while I have a few faux rings, 95% of what I own are real gemstones. And the blingier (yep I made that word up) the better! Yes, it’s a “sickness”. Yes, at times my friends have staged interventions, usually at my own request.

But I enjoy this hobby so much. I’ve learned a ton about the different stones and their qualities and hardness, etc. I’m a believer in both the sophisticated and the whimsy available in the designs. (See my penguin ring – a fun design by Victoria Wieck). I’ve even learned, and experienced the energetic values and aspects of the different stones. Some gems just feel good and right when I wear them.

If you see me at the jewelry store, you can bet I’m browsing the cases looking for the next find on my list. Let’s see what’s on my wish list:    watermelon tourmeline,  rubies,  and emeralds.

Ahhh, just looking at the pictures stirs my heart. If you see me shopping – stop and say hi. Likely we can find a blingy bit of treasure for you. Be careful though – you might need to start “feeding the beast” too!