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Catching up ….

Ahhh, I have been missing the joys of blogging with you, my friends. Work has gotten the best of my schedule and my energy the last few days. I took a couple of days off, had some fun in Indianapolis and then hit the ground running at work again. I have made a few attempts to get online and write incredibly inspirational things … well, that was my intention. What really happened was that I stared at the monitor and my mind was blank. Just like the static filled  TV screens of days-gone-by.  I did not want to subject you to the crickets chirping in my rather uninspired head, so I let myself rest.

These last few days I find myself doing work that is stretching my brain. Like all exercise, it is both pain and pleasure. Keeping all the balls in the air and checking, double checking, correcting, and then checking and checking again all the numbers and data is, well, not my most enjoyable job task. Can I do it – yes. Do I wanna – not usually. Will it end – yes, but dear GOD, when???  But it doesn’t really matter – it is critical for the work at hand. So I stretch that muscle and find that thankfully, it stretches but doesn’t snap. Yes, I have a few more bleary-eyed evenings in front of the computer screen, and perhaps an extra head-ache or two but that’s really just fatigue. The beauty is that I am reconfirming the strength of my knowledge and the agility of my mind to focus and expand, focus and expand.

And along the way I am connecting with family and friends, wallowing in the excitement of future wedding plans for my son, and missing my daughter with all my heart.

I hope that you are able to manage having a balance of relaxation and excitement in your summer. Hopefully no data filled, bleary-eyed nights for you!

Stay cool and be blessed!

It could happen …

When I was a little girl I remember watching a TV show and getting caught up in the plot. I don’t remember the exact show but I remember the conversation with my Mom about the possibility that there was truth in it. I’m still teased a little by my family for the words I used to say – “It could happen.” My parents would smile and shake their heads at my fanciful imagination and naive faith that all things were possible. The funny thing is, even though they tried to convince me of the shear fiction of the story, in my heart I still believed in the possibilities.

I think it’s just part of my nature. I am a true optimist when it comes to looking at people and life. I’m not really naive though. As a child when I uttered those words I wasn’t blind to that fact that life can be cruel, people can have evil in their hearts, and tragedies strike. I had actually experienced many things that proved those facts to be true in my life leading up to my time in the orphanage. But in spite of it all, I believed then, and still believe today that:

Most people can be trusted.

Love is real.

Forgiveness is a choice.

What goes around, comes around.

Time heals all wounds.

People change, especially when they believe in God.

Our attitude can make all the difference.

Words create reality.

Children are worth saving.

Life can get better.

Each day is a new opportunity, and …

Miracles still happen.

No matter what people tell you. I encourage you to look around in your life. Find the good that is in front of you. Count  your blessings and with all your might, believe that “it could happen.” Believe and be blessed!